Online Teacher Training and Materials to use for Class

Online training and teaching ideas
Digital Video for Teachers Training courses and resources for teachers interested in creating and editing video:

Webquests are Web-based activities that require learners to search the Web in order to find answers to specific questions or solve a more complex problem, such as a treasure hunt. See Section 7.3.1 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site: The Modern Foreign Languages Environment offers advice to teachers wishing to set up webquests at:
Here is a nice webquest (cyber-enquête) on the Eiffel Tower:
See also this site, which offers a useful facility for helping teachers create webquests:
Training for Learning whiteboard activities and ideas for various languages

Lesson Ideas
The Language Menu site with resources for teachers of many different languages including worksheet generators, interactive games, a clipart gallery, a database of materials downloadable in PDF format and more
Daily Lesson Plan Archive from the New York Times
Nik's Daily English Activities a collection of 80+ activites with the goal of promoting autonomous learning
Lessons in a Can collection of lessons and activities from members of the EFL Classroom 2.0 Ning Categorized by skills and levels
Breaking News English Lessons Podcasts and lessons (with handouts and quizzes) based on current events and the news. Does a very good job of staying current!
Thinkfinity contains lesson plans and other resources for teachers
Facing History and Ourselves Educator Resources contains lessons, online modules video clips and more
Oxfam Education contains lesson plans, whiteboard activities and much more. Divided out by age group and subject area
PBS Teachers resources based on standards in US public schools separated by subject matter Best for high school/preparatory level and below but can be adapted for lower-level English students
Teachable Moment lesson plans based on current events
Teacher Resource Exchange A moderated database of resources and activities created by teachers. All resources on the TRE are checked by subject specialists to ensure they are of the highest possible quality:
Times Educational Supplement The Times Educational Supplement manages a large collection of downloadable resources for teachers, and there is also the Staffroom forum, where teachers of different subjects can air their views and ask questions:
english-4U A website run by ESL teachers for ESL teachers. The site offers free, ready-to-use lesson plans in PDF format based on current news stories and lyrics of songs:

Lesson Share Archive Collection of winning entries from One Stop English's ongoing competition
English to Go Ready to use lessons This page contains a number of sample lessons. Rest of site requires paid subscription
English to Go Reading lesson This page has photocopiable lessons based around Reuters news articles. There is either a free lesson each week or you can subscribe to a library of lessons:

Ideas for using Web 2.O for language learning
Blogging for ELT article by British Council with ideas on how and why to use blogs for English language teaching but some principles apply for other languages as well.
Tandem Learning Useful and comprehensive information on Tandem Learning, University of Bochum. Tandem Learning involves electronic communication between two language learners, each of whom wishes to learn the other’s language:

Online teaching environments
Jeopardy Labs Alternative to the powerpoint-based version where you can create templates or use ones already created.
Edomdo microblogging (and more) site to create private communication between teachers and students. Has its own blog at
Pageflakes a site to create websites. Much of the formatting work and ideas for content are already there
Teachers' TV An independent TV channel for teachers, plus a website. A small selection of reviews of Modern Foreign Languages software and websites have been reviewed in the Secondary Zone sector:
Classroom A social networking site designed to allow teachers to create "virtual classrooms"
Class Scene A secure site to develop classroom photo galleries

Free Course Management Software
Course Lab