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BBC Languages: Muchos materiales de leguaje en línea con varios niveles, desde el BBC covering Portuguese
Quia Shared Activities-Una colección de actividades creadas por maestros de Portugués.Sí el la liga a internet no funciona, ve a y sigue la liga a la página de actividades compartidas:
Easy Portuguese Lecciones básicas por internet con audio.
E Language School Lecciones básicas por internet.
Radio Canada International- broadcasts in French Spanish Arabic Mandarin Russian and Portuguese
Yappr - like YouTube but created for Portuguese learners
All Dict - Online collaborative dictionary project Students can help!
Language - site dedicated to beginner-intermediate vocabulary, grammar and reading lessons. It is a collaborative site, meaning students can participate adding content.
Goethe Vocabulary Tests - site is not interactive, offers tests and answer sheets but can generate the tests with any two language combinations (e.g. Spanish - Portuguese)
UniLang Language Community - website with free courses in various languages (including Portuguese) (source language English) with online exercises and chat and forums
Study Stack Portuguese - Web 2.0 application in which you can use the activities already there or create a new one!
Sites Students Can Contribute to (authentic production)
All Dict - Online collaborative dictionary project Students can help!
Nibipedia - a site created and run by two guys in a garage (much the way Microsoft started). The purpose of this site is to link educationally-valuable video (mostly from YouTube) with relevant Wikipedia articles and/or related videos. Students can add "nibs" (links to other videos or articles)
Voice Thread - Here you can upload images or videos for others to comment on. The main page is at One example of a good school activity is at a thread called "What Could It Mean?" at
Wikispaces - This site is a wiki created at Wikispaces. All tools are online. Use of wikispaces' basic functions is free. Students can collaboratively create entire websites about topics that are lacking on the Web.
Wiktionary - companion project to Wikipedia. Online multilingual dictionaries that anyone can edit.
Second Life: The fastest growing Multi User Virtual Environment (MUVE) on the Web, a 3D virtual world that you can explore in the guise of your chosen avatar. Students can create spaces and objects here.

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