Free-use Images and Sounds

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (CAPL) is a searchable and categorized imaged bank of about 2000 images. Under Creative Commons license, good for free educational use.
Wikimedia Creative Commons probably the web's largest collection of freely-available images, sound and other media. Most are under Creative Commons license or freer
REALIA - rich electronic archive for language instruction anywhere' is a teacher-reviewed collection of royalty-free media for education
Flickr -Images on this Flickr page are free for use for non-commercial purposes
Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence documents, photos, videos and more available free to educators from the U.S. government
Clipart There are a number of useful sites offering clipart libraries:
Primary French Pictures by mdlsoft:
Maps for use with a word-processed document, PowerPoint presentation or Web page:
Pixels, Please This is a social networking site (Ning) designed to allow teachers to collaborate and share resources such as ideas, lesson plans, etc. esp. about how to use digital images in the classroom.
Getty Images Royalty Free stock photography and more

Partners in Rhyme royalty free music and sound effects
FreeAudioClips A large collection of audio clips. Very little to do with Modern Foreign Languages, but if you want barking dogs, howling wolves, alarm clocks and silly messages for your answering machine you'll find it all here: