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Welcome to the Virtual Language Laboratory! This site is set up to provide guidance to the nearly-infinite variety of resources in the WWW that exist for those who wish to learn a foreign language. The focus will be on providing resources that have been used or reviewed by this wiki's members, stressing those that allow for authentic language practice. This is particularly important and difficult for foreign language learners.

This project started as the website for the ITESM- Campus Toluca lab's site (which still exists at http://llrc.tol.itesm) and was further developed at ITESM-CCM (not available on the WWW). However, the need to easier access to these materials plus the need for quick and easy development and updating for all the languages represented here led to the creation of this site.

You are invited to join this wiki if you are a teaching professional of any foreign/second language. The idea is to have a site created by teachers that will be useful to teachers. No spammers, please.

New Pages Added (in reverse chronological order)

Watt Pad Academic readings for TOEFL iBT
UEfAPReading skills for cademic study
Encomium TOEFL Tips Geared for the TOEFL iBT
English for Phones TOEFLTOEFL quizzes for handheld devices
Phone EnglishSite designed to be used on cell phones
TOEFL Tips How to prepare for the TOEFL iBT
EDSITEment Collection of humanities resources.
Khan Academy - Short 10 minutes lectures mostly about science and mathematics topics
Soccerlingua English - English lessons for soccer/football fans. Available in other languages as well.
Just a Minute - Game show where panelists must talk about a random topic for one minute.
Says You! - Game show from Seattle, Washington, USA
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me - News broadcasts from National Public Radio (U.S.)
The Guardian Podcasts (U.K.) podcast site from one of the largest newspapers in the United Kingdom.
TOEFL TV Youtube channel sponsored by ETS with mini-lessons and advice to prepare for the TOEFL exam (English/Standardized Exam Preparation)
The Earth Institute at Columbia University Webby award winner 2009 with videos, articles and more tailored for classroom use (English/Academic)
Fact Check Ed Educational version of the Fact Check website which provides lesson plans designed to get students thinking critically about what they see, hear and read in the media, including the Internet. Provides links to reliable sites for research purposes. Webby Award nominee 2009 (English/Research)
American RadioWorks site with collection of documentaries, mostly dealing with U.S. history and current issues Webby Award nominee (English/Academic/General Video/Podcasts)
ElectroCity Webby Award nominee for Best Game. Be the mayor of a New Zealand town and manage its power resources
Sharkrunners Game Webby Award nominee based on the Discovery Channel TV program. Players become "freelance shark researchers" assigned to track and observe a real-world shark through its online avatar 13 April 2009 (English/Role-playing games)
WebMD This site has long been used for medical information by laypeople. Good for nontechnical, but still authentic, materials related to health and health issues 13 April 2009 (English/Academic)

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